We help leaders shift focus from inside to outside their organization, better positioning a company to compete successfully in today's changing business environment.

We give leaders answers that motivate the right actions to maximize performance.

Some of the companies with whom we work are strong operators where management does a good job controlling what goes on inside the four walls of the organization, i.e. managing costs closely, driving operational efficiencies, and exhibiting a “get things done” attitude. 

At the same time management realizes there are always better ways to perform tasks and improve processes, and that’s an area of particular value that we offer our clients helping them to reach their full potential.

What happens outside the four walls of a business is different. That’s where even the best managers can lose control, miss the right opportunity, or get tripped up. And it’s precisely where an “outside-in” perspective can help. We provide that perspective, and our work focuses on giving leaders a way to anticipate, actively manage, and control what goes on “outside” of their organization.

Control leads to more consistent and sustainable performance to deliver profitable growth– and that’s real value for a business.

Our experience has proven time and time again that the foundation for increasing control over top and bottom line performance is grounded in three areas of focus. 

Pro Active Go-to-Market Strategy

You know your business better than we do. That’s why we engage and collaborate directly with you and your team right from the start through a series of interviews, workshops, and working sessions. We check the egos at the door roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you.

Outside-In Customer Insights

 We believe in the importance of taking a customer and market-based view of your business and creating a measure of customer profitability to clearly identify performance winners vs. losers which thereby provides a foundation for establishing clear-eyed and objective opportunities and decision-making.

Data-Driven Operating Model

We’re action-orientated, and we want to help you and your team get things done. We deliver strategic direction backed by tactical action plans and expected financial outcomes. To establish a clear roadmap for how to tackle opportunity successfully.


Maximizing Customer Profitability

Costing Methodology 


Reporting and Benchmarking 

Decision-Driven Analytics


Actionable Segmentation

Pricing and Value-Selling

Salesforce Effectiveness

Mix-Share-Margin Management

Aligning Incentives


Process Improvement 

Commercial-Operational Linkage 

Asset Utilization and Effectiveness  

Restructuring and Turnaround

Common Areas of Opportunity


“We selected SRI to work with our sales team based on their expertise and many years of experience managing and leading sales organizations. Our work with SRI resulted in developing one of the highest performing sales teams in our industry.”

Brian S., Sales Manager Wholesaler


“We have worked with SRI on several Sales Execution projects. Our team has always been presented with actionable and collaborative steps to help grow the business. The SRI team brings a high level of expertise, energy, and fun to the process. They have made our sales team more focused and given them a better understanding of how to increase sales with our key customers. They have helped us navigate our way through the ever-changing and challenging sales environment.”

Bob S., VP of Sales Wholesaler


“Our work with Strategic Resources has facilitated and enabled our company to think strategically and act tactically resulting in significant profitable growth. We truly value their positive contributions to our business.”

Matt S., President and Owner-Distributor


“I have come to know, like and trust the SRI Team’s advice and counsel over the years. They have had a positive and significant financial impact on not only my company’s financial success but my ability to personally anticipate opportunities and avoid business threats over the years.”

Owen B., VP of Sales and Marketing – Manufacturer